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A cut above the rest – Uddeholm powder steel for hand knives and knife applications

Uddeholm third generation Superclean powder

Maximum cleanliness and a minimum powder size. That’s the success of Superclean3 – the Uddeholm third generation of powder steel. The improvements are significant – fewer non-metallic inclusion means even cleaner powder metallurgical steel. Smaller grain size and carbides give a more uniform structure resulting in a unique, homogenous steel.

Clean, cleaner, Superclean3

Most knife steel producers achieve level one. Some even manage to produce steel of level two quality. Uddeholm has steel that matches the highest
demands. That’s why we call it Superclean3. For knife manufacturers it means steel that enables sharper edges, tougher blades and trouble free production with excellent grinding and polishability.

From conventional to Uddeholm third generation Superclean3 powder. The finer powder size of Uddeholm's modern PM production technology enables sharper edges and knife blades with excellent toughness.


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